DCBC: Who We Are…

The gospel has been preached in Dunbar for a number of decades. It is just since August of 2008 that Dunbar Community Bible Church came into existence.  A small group of families wanted to format a more biblical approach to ministry and provide a more clear light of the gospel to this area.

Since then our humble desire is that God would be glorified and Christ exalted through the ministry and meetings of our church body. Our goal of doing biblical ministry demands that we study the Bible together regularly. And so our church is committed to studying God’s Word systematically as often as we get together.       kidsxmas

This study began with a verse-by-verse study of Acts in the winter of 2008 in order to see what God meant when He said He would “build His church.” From there we have determined to study what God has already said to us and worship and live for Him as biblically as possible.

We are not focused on a denomination, but instead we are focused on Christ and His Word to us. We are independent and self-governing which means we have a great responsibility to the Head of the Church, Jesus Christ. He will judge us to be true to His New Testament plan or not. We are committed to a stand for Truth in an age when Truth and absolutes are disregarded as archaic and out of touch with modern man. In reality, God’s Word is as relevant and critically needed in a day of post-modern thinking and moral relativity as it was when it was first written centuries ago.


Whatever moves people to the north woods of WI, we believe that Christ has the answers to their problems and many more. Some escape bad marriages while others grapple with drugs or alcohol. Some just like the beauty and privacy of the north. Without Christ they will be missing the one ingredient that the heart  needs most.  Christ. He has all the answers at the cross. Even solitude can become a curse if you can’t share it with the God you were created to know and love.


We are… Bible based. Christ-focused. Missions-minded. And we are passionate about God and about doing body life together.




  1. Salvation? “In Christ alone” is the New Testament message. His  work on the cross for us is fundamental to our faith. We must personally trust in Him. Nothing else can be added and you can’t dilute it either.

  1. Church? A biblical church is a group of believers in Jesus Christ who have confessed Him publicly through baptism by immersion and who have come together for the teaching of the Word and fellowship of the saints. The Word is the basis for our faith and practice.

  1. Versions? We like to use the NKJV and ESV from the pulpit, but our folks follow along with the NASB, KJV, and ESV.