Pembine Youth Center

Pembine Youth Center is a place for kids and teens to come and hangout every Wednesday. It is run by PAC (Pembine Area Christians, non-profit) and Dunbar Community Bible Church is thankful to be a major part of this weekly endeavor.

The Youth Center opens after school most Wednesdays during the school year. The goal of PYC is to give kids a place to come and be mentored, encouraged, and helped in all the aspects of life.


We do activities, games, learning through tutoring, reading, and 1-on-1, life-touching-life interaction. We give them snacks and we give them time to talk. We work with them on their reading and math when possible. We also give them a full meal. The end of the night will find all of the kids in different locations hearing the gospel story retold in new ways that helps them know God’s love.

We are thankful for all those who help, serve, clean, read, and love these kids as they learn that there is more to life than trudging through trouble and fighting their way to the top. They get to know the God that has plans for them. Plans right now.