The Good News for 2016

I suppose it is a little bit of a cliche that the news is full of information every day, but there is little that is good in it. Some news services or daily news organizations try and combat this reality by having some part of their news presentation to be uplifting and to be encouraging.

Here is another thought about the daily news. It is the bad news that makes the good news even “gooder than good.”  The Bible contains this reality of contrast as well. It is the bad news that the Bible narrative communicates to us that makes the good news  of Christ and His coming so very good.     2.10

We don’t enjoy focusing on the bad news. It is not something we look forward to doing as a messenger. A year ago I was asked to be that kind of messenger to a lady who did not know that her child had been killed in a fire. It was one of the hardest moments of my ministry. I can see in full detail all the aspects of the event. And the only good news was that the rest of her family was rescued. At the moment, the good news did not seem to help her digest the really bad news of the event.

Perhaps we are like that in life. The bad news of sin and its effects may be so overwhelming that the good news of rescue by Christ is difficult to comprehend or appreciate. But we must allow the message of the cross to lift us out of the pit of sin and change our path. And this change and rescue must be something that is an ongoing event. Yes we are saved from the penalty of our sin once-for-all. But the effects of that rescue should be evident daily.