Truth that makes us like Christ

bibleIt is a reality that if we are going to be more like Christ then we will have to change. And change comes hard to all of us. We like to see others change rather than seeing what needs to change in our own lives.

For the followers of Christ called DCBC in 2016 we hope to make it a corporate goal and reality that Christ is seen in us more and more. And for that to be true we know that change will take place. That is the proverbial “rub.”  The rough edges of our life need to be sanded down so that we can begin to take on more of the likeness of our Savior.

I recently watched a movie that centered around sculpture work. One of the things that the person who wrote the story wanted to communicate was that in a piece of stone, ice, or wood Lincoln_Memorial_statue(whatever object you carve or sculpture) there is an incredible shape within that needs to be revealed or unleashed.

I think that is what we could imagine God wants to do with our lives. He sees within us all the makings of the likeness of Himself. He just needs to work on the stuff in our life that is holding back His likeness in us so that we are transformed into a Christ follower. This is His main purpose for all true Christians (Romans 8:29).